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Livejournal keeps randomly signing me out! Which is annoying because then I miss all of my 'friends only' posts! Boooo!

Anyway, just a reminder that I've over at Blogspot now. unfadingbeauty335.blogspot.com/
I'm currently in the midst of the 365 project. I'm enjoying that, even though I'm currently behind! I'm slowly, but surely, catch up!

I've also recently started entering my photos in Picture Fresno: www.picturefresno.com
It's a fun, small way to get involved in my community. It's free to enter and they give away some great prizes! This is my second time entering. They usually have judges choose the winner, but this time, they're letting voters choose! The picture with the most 'likes' on the site AND on their Facebook page, wins the prize. It's a gift from Spinners Records, the local vinyl shop downtown. It's a pretty awesome place, owned by a man who calls me 'love' every time I'm in there. He's so sweet!

Click the link to see what image I posted! picturefresno.com/photos/2011/03/05/its-showtime
If you 'like' it, then like it!

And then go their Facebook page and like it there too: www.facebook.com/PictureFresno

I get points for both!!!
And yes, I am using all my social media outlets to get votes. I think my picture has a winning chance and the prize is super awesome.
Thank you in advance!!!!

I think it's time for some lunch. :)
Good day!

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Hello all! I have recently started a new blog. It's more for me to keep up with my writing skills since I'm not writing much for class anymore.

It'll be anything from things from my life, to things I observe, to reviews, to ... just about anything. I'm enjoying it a lot actually and I'm hoping to keep it up. I want to be an avid blogger.

If you want to follow me, knock yourself out. Here's the link:

Thaaaanks! :)

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Wedding is over.
Honeymoon is over.
Both were perfect.

I have the most amazing friends and family. So blessed.
I cried my eyes out in front of 200+ people. So not like me since I never cry. But I guess if I'm going to cry in front of that many people, may as well be at my own wedding.

So along with a shirt, some glasses, pictures, two new friends and a ton of great memories, I also brought home a cold from the cruise. Haha. See? Perfect trip!

Started my final semester of school, at least for my undergrad. This semester looks like it's going to be good. Probably a lot of work but fun.
For my Popular Fiction class I have to read The Shining. This is a book I thought I would never have to read. So far, so good but then again, hasn't gotten scary yet.

We've only just started to get the apartment in order and it's still a disaster.
I organized the pantry tonight. It's a thing of beauty.
It's hard to condense stuff between the two of us.

I'm enjoying living with Sam (good thing because he's here with me forever). It's fun. There's not anything too complicated. Just have to get used to sharing a bed with someone since I've never done so. I mean, I haven't even shared a room with someone since I was a child.

I think that's all.

Oh yeah, and my favorite Friends character is by far, Mr. Heckles. I wish they didn't kill him off so soon.
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Oh sickness, how I hate thee

So I'm pretty sure I have a cold. It doesn't even make sense. How do I have a cold in the middle of summer??

I'm at least feeling better than I have been. Just head congestion, which I can't stand. My head feels like three times the size it usually does. I'm amazed I can still fit through door frames because of it. My throat doesn't hurt anymore which I'm really happy about. It's my least favorite part about being sick. And my cough isn't that bad anymore.

I also recently had a sinus infection that my antibiotic never really fixed. It just made me feel worse.

This is what stress and constantly being on the go does to me.

Pretty sure the last two weeks have been the most emotional and draining weeks of my life. At least that I can remember. I've done things I didn't want to do but knew that I had to do. I did things I have should have done years ago but for some reason I didn't. I feel like this heavy weight that I've been carrying on my shoulders for a long time are gone... at least for the most part. I feel a lot better because of it. God has definitely pushed me these last couple of weeks and I'm grateful for it. And I'm glad that I had Sam there with me along the way.

Sam and I started marriage counseling last week and that's... awkward. It'll definitely be good for us. I'm excited (and nervous) to see what else we'll find out in the coming weeks. Maybe we'll end up calling off the wedding. Just kidding.

I just can't wait until our cruise! Can't wait to get away from here and just relax! I so need it right now! And I'll need it even more then!

Teri is already moved out. Rose moves out this weekend. Then they'll be officially moved out on July 5. And Sam will officially be moved in (for the most part). So weird!
Can't wait though.

Welp, I think that's all for now.

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I got the communications internship I applied for at Community Medical Centers almost two months ago!!!!

Finally just found out today.

This is a wonderful opportunity for me to work for them. I will be writing for their website, brochures and various other things. Hopefully I will also be able to help out with video shooting and editing because that'll be something great to know!

It's also a paid internship! I have to complete 150 hours and will be working about 15 to 20 hours a week.

And once again I say, God is so good.

These times, they are a-changin'

School is almost over for the semester. Bittersweet.

This year is going to be huge. So many things are going to change, and while I'm happy about it, I'm a little sad too.

Had my last production night on Tuesday. I didn't realize how much I'm going to miss working at The Collegian. Most of those people, I've worked with for almost a year. Might not seem long but it's long for me. They're just so great and I'm going to miss seeing them every day. I'm not going to miss working on Sundays though, I've always hated that.. but just about everything else... I'm going to miss terribly. Working there has been one of the greatest, most meaningful experiences I've had in college, or even just in my life. So it's going to be a hard change. I have made some really great friends through working there too. Two of which I will be going out to lunch tomorrow and record shopping with. Finally! I have people I can go record shopping with. It's one thing to have friends, but it's great to have some who share my major and my love for record shopping... We just love searching through dusty records. :)

In June, my roomie since I moved to Fresno, will be moving out because she's graduating (plus, I'm getting married). I'm going to miss her tons too! Our random hour-long talks about everything under the sun. She's been such a great friend and roommate. I got so lucky with her!

Okay, finally a happy change! Still has hardly hit me that I'm going to get married. More and more every day but still not really. I'm guessing once school is over, it will.. because I can fully focus on it! This is just so weird... but exciting too! He'll be moving in with me, so weird that I'll be living with a booyyyy. haha It should be interesting!

In December, I'll be graduating! Still no idea what I want to do though, so don't ask! haha

Okay, I think I'm done.

Here's Kevin, Jason, Sam and I... Matt is taking the picture.. we were coming down from the Gateway Arch in Missouri! So fun! :)

Gettin' hitched

Sam proposed on Friday night (Saturday morning).
And it was... perfect.


Can't wait to start my life with him.
God has done so much for us already, I can't wait to see what he has in store for us next!

I'll let you know the details some other time.


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Highlight of my day so far: So I'm in the library and about 5 grown men (who looked like they were there for a meeting) and 3 students get into the elevator. Halfway to the second floor, Man 1 says "So you're all probably wondering why I asked you here." Then Man 2 says "on the count of 3, jump!" Then the elevator opens and we all leave. SO HILARIOUS!

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Yesterday was so much fun. I had my music class - which I love, then I went and lunch with Sam at Applebees. I had a good time at lunch, even though I was exhausted. Sam and I don't get to see each other much due to conflicting schedules, but we do a good job at making it work.

After lunch, I came home and took a quick nap because I had a jam packed evening!

Angelica came and picked me up and we went to Rasputin (my third love). I bought some records - Airborne Toxic Event, Belle & Sebastian, Chuck Mangione and Glenn Miller Orchestra. Good stuff and cheap! :D

Then we headed to the Tower and went by Spinner Records. Didn't buy anything but the owner was really awesome so we talked to him for a bit and had to unfortunately leave (we knew he had some great stories to tell us) because we were going to Fresno Filmworks, Night at the Oscars where they played the oscar nominated short films (live action and animated). It was great! They played the Pixar short from UP. Loved that one! Also, my favorite, The New Tenants, actually won the oscar in the live action category. It's hilarious and kinda weird. And the uncle from Grounded For Life was in it. haha! I knew it!And the animated short that won was Logorama, which was also really great. If you google either of the films, you're bound to come up with something to watch. And during the intermission, Angelica and I went and ate at Irene's! Wooo. Yum.

Great stuff.

Sharon and I are still meeting weekly to have lunch/dinner and read through the Bible. We're currently reading John and I'm really enjoying it. I'm noticing some things I haven't noticed before in it. It's good stuff.

I've been watching the new show, Parenthood. Started watching it because it has Lauren Graham in it but I really love the show. I hope it's one that stays on the air.

I really love living in Fresno. You really appreciate the things we have here when you haven't lived here all your life. I love all the culture and art. And I REALLY love Tower District. So much fun down there.

That's all for now.
Until next time...

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What's with everyone getting engaged and then getting married not more than two weeks later?
I don't understand it.

Anyway, classes started yesterday and I'm so excited for this semester. I love all of my classes so far. It's going to be a good semester.

I got some giftcards for Christmas and I put it towards a new television. It's a 32" Samsung... :) It's beautiful.

I've been reading The Lovely Bones and it's excellent. I think I'm going to go read more.

Have a great weekend! :)